Banner advertising is an important and easy way of promoting any business. Members to C4 Classified Ads get banner advertising that is unlimited and does not expire when it reaches any limit. Other systems use banners as a way of justifying repeat purchases for their program, our membership starts at just $25 for a years worth of advertising your business with your own classified advertisement and banner advertising.

Affiliate level 1 - membership gives you a C4 interactive Classified page for your business and a standard banner advertisement of 468 x 60, which you can change at any time.

Affiliate level 2 - membership gives you a full page advertorial website for your business and a 300 x 250 banner space.

Affiliate level 3 - membership gives you a full website, and as-well you get and a footer banner 1100 wide that is show as a full width banner on all our advertorial pages for maximum visibility.they will appear in all our advertorial pages throughout our community, or you can embed them on other sites a you wish..also you get crowdfunding platform whereby you can receive donations to a project you may have directly to your paypal account. also this crowdfunding platform gives you an account with our C4 Crowdfunding branch which in itself is an extra stream of income. All these platform and products have re-sellers licenses for you to make extra money.

Unlimited Banners

All banners are tracked and show you the number of impressions and click through users in your banner area.
Unlimited Banners

There are no repeat purchases when banners run out, no need to purchase multiple packs to earn money and no limits on the number of impressions that you get for your advertising.

Our automatic membership upgrade system from one level to the next ensures that you don't miss out on commissions and enables you get rewarded with more banner exposure for your business and is inclusive in your membership.