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Fuel Coin

To understand the significance of Fuelcoin one must first understand the features, advantages and flaws of Bitcoin.
Bitcoin when compared to the current way we interact with our money supply which is solely controlled by big banks and governments is pretty amazing and fast. 
Let's compare the two now. Both Bitcoin and our current money supply are digital. It's not a big leap for people who use the Visa and Mastercard systems who are used to never holding cash to pay for goods and services to understand they can do the very same thing with Bitcoin. The big difference is who controls it.  Most importantly.  Who profits from it. 
Every time you swipe your debit card? Someone is paying a fee for you doing it. Sometimes it's you and you see it generally every time you use an ATM machine. Up to 5 dollars to have it spit out the 20 bucks you want to carry around. More often though the merchants that accept your debit card for in store purchases are paying g these fees. This cost to an average 7-11 or other quick mart is about 13 to 15 thousand dollars a year. Paid to the banks for just the privilege of accepting your digital payment through the visa debit system. 
Bitoin however is virtually free to accept and use. In most cases the cost is much less than a tenth of a penny per transaction.  
Speed. If you want to send 500. To a friend or family member in another state or country? Today you must contact you bank and do a wire transfer. Then you pay another fee for them doing it. International transfers can cost as much as 20 percent of the transaction. Then one can wait as much as 3 business days for the process to complete. Bitcoin?  Simply enter the address your sending to and the funds are sent instantly anywhere in the world for the same nominal fee mentioned earlier. Bitcoin is far superior in this area. 
Asscees. This is a big deal.  Have you ever seen a check cashing business? In the USA they are everywhere.  Why? Because over 35 percent of the adult population have been disenfranchised from the current banking sysytem. At some point. They messed up and over drew their bank account. A problem the banks are all too willing to let you do because this is one of the most profitable portions of their businesses. They make more money in fees from the people least likely to be able to afford to pay them. The people who live paycheck to paycheck. Once they can't pay the fees? Their bank accounts are closed. They no longer have access to any of the current banking systems. Bitcoin can't be over spent and anyone can join the network. No credit checks. No age verification.  Just like paper money. Anyone can use it at any time without a big institution deciding if your worthy to or not.  
No charge backs. This is a BIG deal. Walmart and other huge retailers lose more money in 2 months from people fraudulently denying they bought something than they do in an entire year from people entering their stores and shop lifting.  There are no charge backs on Bitcoin.  Just like paper money. Once you bought something? You own it. Any issues with your purchase are between you and the good will and integrity of the business you bought your item from. 
By now you should understand why Bitcoin is poised to replace the way the world uses money.  But if not to add icing to the cake? Have you every really asked yourself why a house built in the 1950s that cost back then 20, 000 dollars today costs over 250,000? It's still a house people live in. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  No one plated the walls with gold during this time. It isn't used any differently today than it was then. So why should it cost a penny more? It costs more because of inflation.  What's inflation?  Unlike you and I who get a set amount of money to use. When we run out? We have to spend nothing until we get more. Our governments are supposed to have a set amount to spend too. But unlike us? When they run out of money? They don't stop spending.  They just print more! 
Every year the government does this. We as a people accept this as the way it is. Guess what. It's just wrong. We are forced to work harder and longer for the very same things our parents were able to provide for us with just 1 job. This is known as inflation. 
Now that you understand why Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies are far superior to our current money supply.  Let's look at more features and some flaws with bitcoin.  
How does Bitcoin work? It is supported by what are known as mining computers.  Every year new Bitcoins are created through this process. The reason for it is to encourage people to leave their computers connected to the network so they can help confirm transactions. What this means is if you buy a cup of coffee with Bitcoin? A computer miner somewhere in the world says yes, You bought a cup of coffee. 
Then many others do the exact same thing. They enter your purchase onto the blockchain.  The blockchain is a digital record from the beginning of time of every single transaction ever. This makes it the most accurate and complete accounting of financial transactions ever in the history of humanity. 
It was designed like this to make the world's most decentralized network of computers working together without regulations or controlled by any one government.  Napster was the first attempt at something like this but the one flaw was it relied on centralized servers which were located in the USA. It was pretty easy for the US government to turn it off. They issued a Court order and the central servers we switched off. Literally. Napster was turned off. You can't do this to Bitcoin. Every single computer around the world that mines bitcoin supports the entire network.  Meaning it's virtually impossible to stop Bitcoin no matter how disruptive it becomes to a federal government.  
Who has the most to lose by Bitcoin and other Crypto currencies success? Think about it. The big banks and government.  The banks will lose their cash cow in the form of fees. The government's lose their blank checks to print money  and will be forced to actually operate within their budgets. 
Crypto currencies are literally the biggest shift of wealth and power ever in human history.  The shift from the rulers back to to people. 
What is Fuel coin? 
It seems Bitcoin is perfect. Why would you want to consider anything else? I have explained everything that Bitcoin has right. Now it's time to talk about a few flaws.  Flaws which have been written out of the Fuel coin code. 
As I talked about earlier Bitcoin, when compared to traditional banking systems is fast. But is it fast enough? No not really.  Depending on network traffic the miners have to deal with. It can take up to 15 minutes for a bitcoin payment to become registered on the blockchain. Then up to 3 hours before it is fully confirmed and able to be used again by the person who received the payment. That's not bad if comparing to a wire transfer and banks that are only open during normal business hours.  But let's say you are the one waiting to pay for your coffee and it takes 15 minutes until the merchant sees you even paid them. That isn't realistic to have to wait. Fuel coin on the other hand is usually confirmed in under 3 seconds and is fully spendable by the person getting paid in under 3 minutes. 
Time matters. Bitcoin simply put. Got that wrong when designed. Fuel coin fixed that issue.
Mining.  There are many benefits to mining. It creates incentives for people to help support the bitcoin network but it has some significant flaws. All of which have been answered by Fuel coin. 
The first flaw is how it works. To maintain a steady supply of Bitcoins the math problems miners are asked to solve to create new bitcoins get more difficult.  This causes people who mine to need to spend more money on bigger and faster computers and spend much more money on electricity to run them. When Bitcoin was launched in 2009 a laptop like the one I use today could have mined some bitcoins. Because the math problem being asked to solve was super easy. If I were to use the same laptop today to solve the current block and mine a new bitcoin? It would the it over 100 years. 
What this means is the only people able to solve these new problems have spent lot of money on new computers. So the decentralized aspects of Bitcoin are going away. Every time a home miner stops mining bitcoin due to the ever increasing cost to mine? The more centralized the network becomes. Eventually there may only be a handful of mining operations around the world that support the entire Bitcoin network. Just like Napster. Once it is centralized enough? It can be turned off. 
Fuel coin on the other hand uses every local wallet opened up on people's computers to participate in the confirmation process. So if you buy a cup of coffee with Fuel coin?  It is confirmed by someone's computer around the world that has an open Fuel coin wallet on their desktop. The more people who own Fuel coins? The more wallets get opened. The bigger the network gets and less centralized it becomes. 
What's the cost of mining Bitcoin today? This is a big issue.  At today's prices and the rate new bitcoins are created. It costs in excess of 300 MILLION dollars to keep the Bitcoin network operating. Bitcoin is almost as bad as the fiat dollar it's trying to replace. New coins are being made every day. Just like the government prints new dollar bills. That means there is perpetual down pressure on the price of Bitcoin. Every single day. Fuel coin on the other hand was fully premined. Meaning all the coins that are going to exist.  Are here today.  This means the price for each fuel coin is more likely to go up as more and more people want part of the finite supply. Just like gold and silver. The more people who want some? The more they are worth. 
In 2009 and 2010 you could buy Bitcoins for less than a dollar. Today each Bitcoin is worth over 230 dollars! No one knew then what it would be. Today? We know what a properly designed crypto currency can be worth. It's not speculation at this point. It's a proven fact.  
So look closely at Fuel coin. We know that crypto currencies are here to stay.  Bitcoin with all its flaws has become a significant factor in today's world.  Imagine now. You have an opportunity to purchase a coin that isn't marketing into a theoretical space. Bitcoin has proven that the world wants crypto. 
Fuel coin is significantly faster. 
Fuel coin is becoming less and less centralized daily. 
Fuel coin at the time of this production was a mere half a cent. Has the price gone up? Will it continue to go up as more and more people what a piece of the finite supply? The answer is a resounding yes. 
Could this be a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate at the beginning of the next big thing? Not unlike the dot com boom and the Internet which shifted the way we gathered, used and shared information. We are seeing the greatest shift of wealth and power in the history of humanity. 
Fuel coin is positioned to be fully integrated into this shift of wealth. Ask yourself. Do you want to be part of it or just watch it like you did Microsoft, Google and the entire Dot com boom.
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