How Crowdfunding Works

How Crowdfunding Works


Crowd Funding to me is a group of people via the Internet helping ​each​ other to raise funds for each others projects. donations from a large number of people, using a project website. People can then donate money towards the cause to help the author to reach their goal.

​I'm Barbara Johnson and here is my story​!

We lost our home in CA!​​ ​It was beyond my control!​

I rented a 26 ft Penske truck and loaded our things up and drove back to TX in a emergency circumstance, We are staying with my daughter at this time.

​ ​I would love to have a place near her,​ ​So I could be near by to help if needed.​​ She has a home care provider now.​​ ​She is disabled and now the Dr has placed her as home bound patient.I would love to have a home for my Great Grandson and I​. ​We dream about having a​n​ in ground pool so my Great Grand son will have a place to spend his summers with his friends. Also have them over to dinner and play games.I'm looking for a safe home and place for us to live.​ ​Where he can grow up and feel safe. He is the apple of my eye!!I love him so much, he has helped​​ ​me stay young​! I know if he was not in my life I would be lost!!!

I went Thur all the sleepless nights, Taking him to

​ ​the Dr and ​hospital when he was sick​.​​Being there for his ​first day of school​.​ His kindle garden teacher thought she had a child that that was not going to learn because he didn't talk, She starts to take him to the Principals office when they get just out side of the class room he tells he​r​​ ​all about the planets! He​​ ​name​s​ each on​e,​ and how​ ​many​​ ​millions of miles each one is from the other,
Also how long it would take to travel from one to the other!​​​ ​T​hey go back​ ​​in​​ ​to ​the ​class​ room ​ and later she gives him a certificate for most creative mind for a 5 year old.

​Loran has been the biggest part of my life since, he was 3 Months old. ​His mother gave him to me, I have Legal custody, she was only 15 years old when she gave birth to him, ​She was just to young to raise a child, She really never was much a part of his life until the last couple of years, ​now she wants him back.​​ after all of these years!​ He is now 11 years old​. ​​​I love Loran with all my heart​!​
​I tried to get him interested in playing​ ​b​all but he didn't want to play ball. We went​ to a​ skating rink​,​ and the first time he just hang on to the wall the second time he was in the middle with all of the children having a g​rate​ time. He was the same way with swimming, he can't stay out of the water. He loves to take things apart and see how they are made​​ ​and work​!​ ​​S​​ome​ times we can​ ​​fix them back​,​​ then some times they are not fixable at all​!!​ ​​I love him so much even with all things we can't fix, he is learning about life. ​I’m creating a life changing experience for myself and great grandson.​ ​
​This home is near the Christian School where I want to send him. I want him to go to a christian school so he has a solid foundations.

​My goal is to raise $200.000 for my new home reach my goal 12 Months time.​

I was a army wife we traveled all over the world during my young years.

​We lived in Germany and Alaska in the early days, ​I was a stay at home mom. When I started to work the only job was a waitress, I worked at the only Restaurant in Town It was a small town some of the people worked in the next town they would see​ ​me​​ ​in there getting things ready for the day. They stop by and ask me if they​​ ​could get a cup of coffee before they​​ ​went to work, It wasn't long until I had the coffee shop full of customers before I ever open up to start the day Years later I needed a referral for a new job, I call my old Boss he sent me the referral his words meant a lot to me for the work I did while I was there. I had customers coming from 100 miles around the restaurant for me to wait on them!
After being widowed, I went to school and studied ​and recieved​ my license for an Insurance Agent, Training to be a Loan Officer, studied for​ my​ Real Estate licenses. Things happened in my life that change the way I'm now working. I started working with Network Marketing, I have had some success and some failures. I have now found ​H​ome ​Base business ​to work. Looking forward to working with the new company, C4 advertise​!
At first I was very apprehensive about doing this, ​It was very comforting working​ with C4Advertise they made me feel com​for​t​a​ble during the interview. I'm very happy with the help that C4advertise has given me in putting together my CrowdFunding project.​​ with SEO and getting the word out via the Internet.
​I​'m​ work​ing ​ with a great gr​oup of people!

Your help in supporting this Crowd Funding project, will make our dreams come true!!!
Please click on the button below​ ​on​ ​this page when you scroll down. Each donation will take us closer toward fulfilling our dreams. Thank you so much in advance!!!

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