My name is Steven Robinson.  I've been doing online marketing since 2008.  I struggles for a couple of years, but finally got the grasp of it and learned how to become successful, started being a leader, and started earning some additional daily, weekly, and monthly income from home.  With Rockin Residual you can start your road to financial freedom with only $10 and can earn up to $11,448.50 monthly residual income.  The way owners have set up Rockin Residual's comp plan the first 6 people that falls in your organization you obtain your $10 monthly fee covered.  Here we have a 2 x 14 matrix.  As you build your first matrix all 3 matrices are build at the same time with the saem people that joined in your first $10 matrix.  The other 2 matrices are $20 and $40 and the system is set up to hold yoru first $30 that you make to cover the first 2 matrices monthly fee, so you never will have to come out of pocket again, making this $10 monthly fee subscription into a one time $10 fee program.  The best way to build your business and matrix is to make sure everyone has 2 people each, whether they pif them in or sponosor them in.  Give everyone a 1-2 day time from.  It's only $10, so it should be easy.  If everyone sponsor's or pif in their 2 each with the 1-2 day time frame.  your 2 x 14 matrix shoul dbe filled in 14-28 days.  Just that simple!!  I have several team builds going on in my downline about 4 at the least, and me being direct to the owner, have acquired great positioning.  The products received from joinig Rockin Residual are over 1600 ebooks & software products that you will be able to choose from plus a replicated website you will use to promote and brand your Rockin Residual Business.  Most of the the ebooks and software have resale rights in which you can sell them to others and earn a substantial income from those as well. To make this venture a success first thing in joining with me, my positioning and the force of the multiple team build in have brewing inmy downline.  Second contat a few leaders or other good marketers and have them do the same and you will wel  be on your way to financial freedoom.  The owners have set this up for us to actaully win this and make some serious money here.  It's completely company forced and you can only have 2 on your first line so everyone else that joins your business falls to the levels below as massive spillover.  So now is the time to take action to change your financial situation, quit your 9-5, and generate income monthly between 4-6 figures.

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