Stop paying for Cable TV and channels you don't need or watch. Switch to Spinqast for much more at a fraction of the cost.

Spinqast TV channels


There is a new service called SpinQast which offers unlimited programs and streams that are currently being published to the internet-at-large by broadcast networks and program owners such as NBC, CBS, ABC, TBS, USA etc. These streams are available on their websites for you to watch online,  but you just need to watch ads (very much the same as your basic cable service.) and search through individual websites to find the programs you want, but you cannot view them on your TV. 

Our competition offers streaming TV boxes that oftentimes hook-up to all kinds of content, like non-U.S. based broadcasts, illegal copies of movies (torrents, DVD rips etc), illegal (non-licensed) music downloads and other copyright infringed content.  They may sound like a bargain, but they are not.  Far from it.

The SpinQast platform serves-up streams that are just like your basic cable, except there are also many on-demand episodes, live streams and video clips of your favorite shows. If it's entertaining and legal, and it's easy to find on SpinQast. If you want movies or a recording by a cell phone in the back of a movie theater, then look elsewhere, because that is what you will find in other "bargain" TV services. But with SpinQast, which charges an incredible $9.99 for their service, there are literally THOUSANDS of other streams available, all high quality, and programs that you watch every day. It's LEGAL and FUN and MUCH CHEAPER THAN CABLE! And there are a myriad of premium channels for movies and first run content available too! 

With SpinQast, you get all the streams in an easy to use interface, with simple navigation elements right at your fingertips. The SpinQast box is designed to deliver streams directly from the program owner websites, assuring delivery of legal content with no license infringements, compiles the links to the streams you want in real-time and puts them in your living room all delivered in HD over your Internet connection.  SpinQast has an optimal position in this environment to take advantage of the new landscape. 

When you purchase your SpinQast box, you receive the following hardware: 1 SpinQast Streaming Media Box1 ac power block1 2.4G Wireless Touchpad Keyboard with touchpad mouse1 TV remote type controller1 Manual1 (Optional Purchase) HDMI Cable1 (Optional Purchase) Composite video AV cable1 (Optional Purchase) 128GB Memory CardEasy installation instructions

So why would you continue to pay outrageous monthly fees for obsolete Cable and poor service?  Click below to learn all you need to know to make the switch: 

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