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One of the most important aspects of having your own website and online business is the promotion that will drive people to your website. Everyone knows about searches in Google finding websites and expect that simply putting a web page up and filling it with loads of keywords is the answer. The truth is that search engines are only one very small part of the puzzle in actively promoting yourself.

With TAN Marketing, we not only a provide a platform that can help promote your main business, we also provide you with the help and advice you need in taking action to actively promote an online business.

The TAN Marketing website package is structured to promote your business with the best results and can be used as a marketing tool for your business as well as used to promote any other major website link. You can also link through to as many other website links and social media sites as you need.


One of the major problems people have with their own business is understanding how to market their business both online and offline. Simply putting up a website and expecting instant success does not produce any results. People use all kinds of media on the internet to find information and a page that isn't marketed in the right way will not be found easily.

TAN Marketing aims to give your business the boost it needs by providing a simple marketing platform that helps promotes your business through its own fully responsive website that links into all your media sites, gets indexed in a business directory and gives you the ability to earn money from simply promoting your own business.


One advantage of joining a group of people committed to making a success of their business is the help and advice that can be gained from people helping other people.

Help and advice from Team Leaders as well as other people in your team who are all committed to the same goal of making a success, not only of their own business but their whole team, helping everyone achieve a level of success.


Internet advertising is now a multi-billion dollar business with companies spending thousands on advertising online to promote their business and products. Internet Advertising has now overtaken traditional media such as newspaper advertising and television advertising. Many businesses are spending 10% of their turnover on advertising.

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