The Advocare Trim Challenge

The Advocare Trim Challenge

In today’s fast-paced world, it is difficult to find anyone who does not care about his or her looks. Although it is quite true that you will find people around you who are conscious about their looks but hardly do anything for enhancement. Could this be you? One common fact that binds these people is the issue of weight management.

Weight loss and weight gain have been on boom since the last couple of decades and there are many clinics, aerobics, gymnasiums and other institutes offering to provide the best training possible in this regard. These institutes train and guide you through great exercise postures, workout plans and the balanced diet! As a matter of fact, they also make it clear that weight loss cannot be made long-term without following up with proper weight management techniques. Heard about the Trim Challenge?

Here’s where the Rich Bennett’s Trim Challenge comes in to play in grand style! Also called ‘The 24 Day Challenge’, anyone who is ready to take on weight loss as well as effectively manage their weight is guaranteed perfection with this challenge. Regardless of your goal – whether it is to trim up or perform better or simply say you intend to strive for optimal wellness, starting with active challenge is a guaranteed way to reach your goal(s).


The Trim Challenge is a special 24 day program that helps to maintain your weight and health overall. It is a combination of weight loss and weight management techniques with specially selected nutritional products from Advocare to aid the overall process. Advocare products in this regard are well-formulated aids from the world-class nutrition company, Advocare in order to boost the process of weight management and overall wellness. With the 24 Day Challenge, you will get rid of annoying meal plans that can seem complicated in most cases yet, experiencing positive results.

Rich Bennett also has in place other packages, depending on what suits you best. They are the Active Challenge, Performance Elite Challenge, Well and SYS Skincare. It is recommended that you strike up a conversation with Rich (your coach) before choosing any of the programs.


From day 1-24, your challenge is equipped with:

  • 1 box of Meal Replacement Shakes

  • 1 box of Advocare Spark (Variant: Mandarin Orange)

  • 1 box of Advocare Spark (Variant: Fruit Punch)

  • 1 box of OmegaPlex

  • 1 box of herbal Cleanse

  • 1 box of either MNS Max C, MNS Max E or MNS3 (Depending on your choice)

Basically, the first ten days involves body cleansing off toxins and other unwanted compositions. Next, counting from the eleventh day till the last day of the challenge, you will be sending into your body the necessary materials for effective weight management.

Losing weight and achieving your weight loss is only half the journey; keeping it for longer and even longer is rather a job well done. Weight loss challenges are a good thing and they provide an excellent way to begin or complete your weight loss journey. The Trim Challenge is a definite difference challenge that works. Opt in today!

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