World Team Builder

World Team Builder


After looking at the Network Marketing Industry and realizing that there is a huge gap in the market place for a unique team building system.  We are also aware that the Network Marketing industry suffers from a huge drop out and failure rate of 92%.

Only a small percentage really make a good income from this amazing industry, and amazing if you can build a team.

This is the normal process for most that join a Network Marketing system:

1.  Look at a number of Network Marketing opportunities.

2.  Carry out your due diligence on your chosen network opportunity.

3.  Join and pay your joining fee.

4.  Began building your team.

Most people go down the 1-2-3-4 route, but 4 is where 92% fall down, and normally most will leave their opportunity before building their most needed team, they burn out, never getting sponsoring momentum.

Why not build the team before you join an opportunity?  Would't that be more sensible?

First, we need to find the right Network Marketing Opportunity:

1.  A Global Opportunity

2.  Rock Solid Well Established Listed Company.

3.  A Product Thas Has Global Appeal.

4.  Multiple Income Streams.

5.  Weekly Pay Out.

These were the basics needed to offer a World Team Member.

World Team Builder is a unique system that will help anyone that is looking to enter into the Network Marketing Industry giving them the ability to build their team before you join the official Network Marketing Opportunity.

Here are the benefits when you build your team with World Team Builder:

1.  You can build your team before you join the official Network Marketing Opportunity.

2.  You will enjoy commissions from day one once you and your team join the official Network

     Marketing Opportunity, no waiting months to receive your first commission.

3.  Enjoy rank promotion within months rather than years with the Network Opportunity.

4.  Structure your team and see your potential income rise daily in real time.

You will be able to use this unique system for free to build your Global Team no matter which country you live in.

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