advertorial (noun)

The term is a combination blend of the words advertisement and

 The Advertorial key to your Organic Marketing campaign

The Advertorial is written in the form of an Editorial but with the focus being place on selling or informing the reader about the product and services the Marketer is offering, like an Editorial it will go in dept in presenting it's point.

Organic Marketing basically covers all our activities in Marketing which we personally engage from facebook, twitter blogs and now Advertorials, if we want to reap a good harvest we will tend all of these regularly,. To me the Advertorial becomes a priceless tool because with the assistance of C4 Advertise and it's  (SEO) help branding ourselves or product is easier to achieve.

Before we write our Advertorial we should make sure our content is unique and that the words we use target the type of customers we are want to attract, Webcrawlers, also called Webspiders,  Web scutter  or  automatic indexer, Ant or spiders are internet bots that scour the World wide web downloading updating indexing sites to provide the search engines with more efficient search results for the user.

So having a knowledge of (SEO) search engine optimization, or someone to assist you is key to bringing the most traffic and the highest ranking in search engine results, so again the Keywords in your Advertorial are a serious tool in helping you attract your target market, and also get you the highest ranking in search results. So make sure to make your Advertorial unique.