The success to any online business is marketing and promoting your business to get people to see your pages. 

C4 Advertise brings together a marketing solution for you to advertise your business through banner advertising, classified advertising and advertorial marketing to gain exposure for your business. 

You can become a community member of the site OR simply buy direct advertising within our site on an annual basis. All banner advertising has UNLIMITED impressions and can be changed as many times as you require.

You can also create a full page ADVERTORIAL for your business with the benefits of search engine optimisation and indexing, This will be not only promoted through our indexing but also promoted directly to all our business members.


 NB:Note all your banners will appear throughout our every growing community advertise site, your banner can also be posted by you anywhere on the internet for greater exposure.


All members get a year worth of full advertising and promotion at the base level with their own banner advertisement and classified advertisement. 

The banner advertising program has unlimited clicks and referrals. Your banner can be changed at any time by simply uploading a new image or changing your promotional URL. It does not expire, need repeat purchases or clicking on to maintain your advertising presence. 

Your membership includes your classified advertising page for your business. You set up your page by simply completing a simple form with your information and uploading a supporting image. Your classified advertising can promote any business opportunity, product or service. 

Affiliate Member to Member Solution

Our unique pay plan rewards you for team building through automatic upgrades to Level 2 and Level 3 membership with bigger banner advertising and featured articles for your business as well as sales referral commissions.

Affiliate level 1 – banner 468x60 advertising space,and a interactive classified ad space.

Affiliate level 2 – Full advertorial pages website and 300x250  Premium Banner space.

Affiliate level 3 – Full mini website with unlimited pages  and 1100 wide  Premium Banner space.

You also get your own referral link to promote and sell advertising space and banners for your sales referral commission.


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