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C4 Classified Ads

C4 Classified Ads has put together a unique solution for people to promote their own business through our many marketing tools and products, all the of the C4 Marketing properties come with re-sellers licenses for our members , meaning you can sell and unlimited amount of website and advertising space directly or indirectly.. C4 Classified Ads is in many ways more of a community effort, a business crowdfunding oasis where individual's efforts are pool together as one force to reward the whole community and the sole members personal effort.

Effort is a key word to being successful, we have been working for over 1 year to perfect the tools and stage for people to launch their dreams, and without burdening them with a monthly bill, if you have $30.00 dollars then you have enough for a one year access to all the materials in C4 and access to the financial benefits from being a part our community.