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The launching of "Our Next" build in C4 Classified Ads has been spectacular!, it incorporates a new, all-inclusive marketing model, and has created a positive impact for all our community members producing exponential growth in the size of our community as a result of the many re-entries just one person can generate, each new earning position our members generate is place in the first stage and helps fill company wide pushing new members forward into earnings, each re-entry is essentially and extra streams of income.
Do you have your own business or want to start one? Do you have a product or company you want to promote? Do you need to raise money for a cause? Possibly it's for your own personal needs or an emergency in you life, are there health issues? Fore-closure possibilities, or you may want to stop paying rent and be a homeowner. Simply put, whatever your needs are, our program is equipped to help you with thse needs, with C4 you have a community behind you.
 While your affiliate re-seller positions grows you have the license to sell online space for advertising to anyone in need of affordable internet space for their business.
Just like the early history of the space program, there were challenges with multiple systems, such as the controlled guidance, propulsion safety mechanism for re-entry and more. With much perseverance all those issues were resolved and we became the front runners in the space age.
We at C4 Classified Ads have taken on these same challenges in principle, testing and perfecting different systems over the past year to help us all break free of the gravity of poverty. So a system has been developed that is a community based approach that is equitable to the individual and at the same time assisting the community of members.
You have the most powerful Marketing, Advertising and Promotional tool ever. PLUS we will continue to offer more to the community as we grow!
The cost to participate in our program is just $30.00 annually! No Auto-ship! The potential income possibility is from  $100s to $1000's! of dollar over time.

Here is a list of some of the tools you will have at your fingertips!

1. Banner spaces of various sizes that you can custom design for your business.
2. Interactive Classified ad space that when clicked expands into a page ad, giving you more then enough space for your business promotion.
3. An Advertorial page expanding your content /allowing you to expound even further your business details, with an easy to embed payment portal script.
4. A down-line builder, where you can see your list of clients grow.
5. Your own Crowdfunding platform where all contributions go directly to you, plus you can edit and update your project whenever you like, "comes with it's own commission plan".
6. The community to help you raise funds.
7. A affiliate re-sellers license of internet advertising space, "comes with it's own commission plan".

To find out how this can work for you, fill out the registration form. As a free member you will get your own back office with access to our down-line builder where you can see what your potential income could of been had you become a paid member.

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and welcome! we are here to assist you in your success.
Remember it's your business!!
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