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Privacy Statement

 We do not collect email and send out any bulk promotional material other then what you sign up which is the CFUR brand products, or pass on your details to any third parties.

 Terms of Service

 cfuradvertising.com is a direct sale commission based advertising program, Sales commissions are payable on a weekly basis once you have a joined.

 We will maintain the banner advertisements live for one year, you can exchange the subject or business content at anytime.

 Commissions are earned member to member basis in Teirs with automatic upgrades to receive commissions from one Teir to the next. You will receive commissions at the level at which your membership is qualified. There is an option to upgrade to the next Teir.

 Cancellation of Service / Refund

 There is a no refund policy on your account as commissions on any down-line are paid on a weekly basis, Payments will be made through a prepiad "TRUCASH Visa debit card" that you order, your funds are then be loaded on a Monday and be instantly available at any ATM.

 Terms of Use Statement

 All advertising links are submitted and maintained by the members. 

 We do not allow links to porn sites or sites that may cause

offense. Any banners linking to inappropriate website will be removed. If your account is deemed to be promoting offensive or abusing our services then your account will be suspended immediately. We ask that all members use public banners and ensure they have the rights to use the material.

 Contact Us

 If you have problems with any part of out service then please email